The 7th Regiment ANV has been a proud member of the Army of Northern Virginia for over 23 years.  The 7th has fought at hundreds of events, locally, regionally,and nationally over those years.  The 7th regiment has always been at the forefront of safety, drill, and field evolutions through the years.  7th Regiment members are very proud of being referred to as my "Junk Yard Dogs: and "Jeanettes Foot Cavalry" by the past and present generals of the ANV.  The 7th Regiment members take pride in their Celtic Heritage as evidences by their Kelly Green and Golden Harp design guides and Gaelic str

Annual Meeting 1/10/15

Members of the 7th btn ANV
Tomorrow is our annual mtg. As usual a few of you are probably worried about snow. Although we all live in the north by the great lakes and have dealt with snow most of our lives, and anyone that lives in the Rochester - Toledo - Akron triangle knows to have a 4 wheel or all wheel drive vehicle, and we know to leave early, drive slower, and roads are well salted and cleared, there are always a couple that get nervous at the thought of driving. Here is the area status and weather report. All roads are clear at this point in time. Some flurries are expected this afternoon with no snow predicted tomorrow. This is pretty much the usual for this time of year as most of you know. 
Leave early, take your time, be safe,  and I look forward to seeing all btn officers, nco's, and high privates tomorrow. 
Very respectfully, 
In the bonds of the old South,
Tim Perry, col. 7th btn ANV comm.

2014 Events Update

Members of the 7th Regt. ANV
We have one event left this year and it's a big one. At this time I thought it would be good to give an event review and preview.

Perryopolis, PA
What a fantastic time we had. I wish to personally thank all members that were able to support us at this event. As all of you know we were asked to command rather late in the year, and when first asked I was inclined to refuse as we probably could provide no troops. After being reassured by General Mike Maffie of Birney's (who not only commands the 2nd largest Federal organization in the east, but is most highly respected nationally as a commander, gentleman and man), that the number of troops we could bring had no bearing on their decision for commander, I accepted. This invitation to command was about relation- ships and the future. As the two national Eastern  organizations in this region it has been wonderful culti- vating a relationship the past few years with such a first class Federal organization like Birney's. It has been so refreshing and enjoyable working with such outstanding men and women, who like us, shun and avoid the negative agenda and ego  driven politics that unfortunately have infected our hobby in the past few years. We have found out what a good relationship with another organization really feels like as we have had the privilege of working with Birney's Division. Thank you Mike, Chris, Paul, and all the wonder- ful people in that first class organization. Well true to our word we could not get a large amount of troops. Mother nature and weather forecasts certainly didn't help. But we were  truly blessed with nice weather and fantastic battles. All of us  were blown away, no pun intended, by the unbelievable pyrotechnics during the battles. In all my years of re-enacting I have never  experienced anything like that. What a rush. More importantly we all had a safe, enjoyable weekend with our brothers in Birneys Division. As we move into the future and adjust  our area of operations,  we can be assured and take solace in the fact that there is a national organization out there that we can enjoy working with.

150th Cedar Creek
For the past 24 years National events have been our primary concern and generally our  most enjoyable events. Members past and present have worked hard at hundreds of these events to build our reputation of safety, field conduct, and being  reliable partners. Now that the 150s are coming to an end there are many that are wondering what is on the horizon. Next year will certainly be lean in national events  and a transition year, but 1865 always is. It is an act of futility to try and predict what will happen after that. As you all know our battalion is growing, so if the trend ends up being other organizations shrinking, we may take on a new role as one of the largest organizations out there. According to Cedar Creek registration numbers it appears that possibly  we have already assumed that role. As far as Cedar Creek goes, as usual, prepare for the worst and expect the best. This will be a large event. The weather is always unpredictable this time of year in the valley so prepare accordingly. We will have a safe enjoyable weekend whatever mother nature sends our way. Don't be one of those reenactors that let's the weather channel or weather app on their phone dictate their hobby for them. A vast majority of the time those weather predictions are way off. Perryopolis was a prime example. I really do look forward to seeing each and every one of you in less then two weeks at the 150th Cedar Creek event.
As always,
Very respectfully,
In the bonds of the Old South,
Tim Perry, col. 7th Battalion ANV, Commanding

Old Bedford Village

Members of the 7th ANV;
Old Bedford Village is now less then two weeks away. As you all know this is not only a battalion max effort event, but very important politically to us and the ANV as a whole. Also of note is that OBV is an endangered site. All proceeds go to saving this beautiful period village and the huge piece of property it sits on. Greedy developers have had their cross hairs on this place for a number of years. Just not enough concrete, strip malls, and the lot to satisfy people apparently.
All this being said to convey the importance this particular event has. You may start arriving on Friday but as usual wait until staff direct you where to set up. I will be there around noon.
As it may be warm start hydrating now, and remember to keep walking.  We are going to have a lot of fun at this event and the location is obviously cool as well. The best news is it's not a real long drive for any of our members.
Please get your military and civilian numbers to Major Coleman ASAP so we can plan on the needed space.
I look forward to seeing each and every one of you soon.
As always,
Very respectfully,
In the bonds of the old South,
Tim Perry, Col. 7th Btn, ANV, Commanding

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