The 7th Regiment ANV has been a proud member of the Army of Northern Virginia for over 23 years.  The 7th has fought at hundreds of events, locally, regionally,and nationally over those years.  The 7th regiment has always been at the forefront of safety, drill, and field evolutions through the years.  7th Regiment members are very proud of being referred to as my "Junk Yard Dogs: and "Jeanettes Foot Cavalry" by the past and present generals of the ANV.  The 7th Regiment members take pride in their Celtic Heritage as evidences by their Kelly Green and Golden Harp design guides and Gaelic str

Old Bedford Village

Members of the 7th ANV;
Old Bedford Village is now less then two weeks away. As you all know this is not only a battalion max effort event, but very important politically to us and the ANV as a whole. Also of note is that OBV is an endangered site. All proceeds go to saving this beautiful period village and the huge piece of property it sits on. Greedy developers have had their cross hairs on this place for a number of years. Just not enough concrete, strip malls, and the lot to satisfy people apparently.
All this being said to convey the importance this particular event has. You may start arriving on Friday but as usual wait until staff direct you where to set up. I will be there around noon.
As it may be warm start hydrating now, and remember to keep walking.  We are going to have a lot of fun at this event and the location is obviously cool as well. The best news is it's not a real long drive for any of our members.
Please get your military and civilian numbers to Major Coleman ASAP so we can plan on the needed space.
I look forward to seeing each and every one of you soon.
As always,
Very respectfully,
In the bonds of the old South,
Tim Perry, Col. 7th Btn, ANV, Commanding

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