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A Word from Col. Perry

Ladies and gentlemen of the 7th Battalion. ANV.
Our annual battalion meeting was one of best attended ever. The 7th continues to grow and thrive. With over three hundred members last year we look to continue that growth. I at this time would like to officially welcome one of our new units, The 7th Battalion Fife and Drum Corps.
As a long time national organization our membership takes great pride in our national  reputation for safety, authenticity, and field evolutions. We strive to portray the Confederate soldier and lady correctly. This is the only true way to honor them. Anything else dishonors them. Many of our companies and individuals have long time associations through living histories with the national battlefield parks further enhancing our reputation as one, if not the premier, Confederate organizations in the country. It is not easy being the best. It takes hard work. There will always be those, who out of envy or jealousy, that will not like us. We have always felt that is their issue not ours. We will continue to strive to be the best in all areas. In over two decades as a member of a national organization (ANV) we have honed our skills and proven ourselves on hundreds of battlefields across the country. We must always strive to continue that drive for excellence. A heartfelt well done to all loyal members of the ANV foot cavalry regiment.

We have many wonderful events scheduled for 2013 including the 150th Chancellorsville and 150th (GAC) Gettysburg events as well as two Ohio events at Beaver Creek and Zoar.
We will always strive to work with and support brother organizations such as Birney's 2nd battalion, The Army of the Ohio,  The Army of the Shenandoah, as well as all other  local companies. It is imperative for the health and survival of the hobby we love that we put aside egos and petty immature differences and work together as reenacting continues to evolve. Shame on those that would put their own ego or agenda ahead of this cooperation and spirit of brotherhood. We will always take the high road and attempt to work with all in our community even if their are those that put self interest ahead of cooperation and reenacting as a whole. I desire that all of us in reenacting truly make an effort to put differences aside and enjoy the hobby together.
I am looking forward to seeing all of you at our first event.
As always,
Very respectfully,
In the bonds of the old South,
Tim Perry, 7th Battalion, ANV, Commanding

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